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Heartfelt stories from adored residents and dedicated staff

Read and feel the warmth of those who call Hearthstone their home

Beth Burg, Sales

As the Sales Manager at Hearthstone Village, Beth gets to meet new and prospective residents well before they move onto the Woodstock campus. As a life-long resident of Woodstock herself, Beth has gotten to know Peggy Carlson, along with her family and extended family. Beth was acquainted with Peggy’s daughter-in-law before Peggy moved to Hearthstone and to Peggy’s granddaughter since she has taken up residence here. Through postings on her Facebook account, Beth shares pictures of family-related events such as vacations and family gatherings that Peggy can now view on Beth’s computer in her office. This extra-mile service provides some treasured moments of pleasure for Peggy Carlson connecting with the many generations of family that she values so much.

Jim Fisher, Maintenance Department

Jim is employed full-time in the Maintenance Department at Hearthstone but in his spare time he is a farmer and bee-keeper. Jim tends his home garden and his bee hives on his property in McHenry all for the benefit of his friends and the residents of Hearthstone’s Garden Homes, Court and Prairie Homes. He can be found distributing vegetables and the honey he harvests from his bee hives to the residents on the campus who have come to love the fresh and tasty bounty of Jim Fisher’s harvest.

Dick Hattan, Development and Marketing

While his duties at Hearthstone include a full plate of fund raising, marketing and public relations activities, Dick Hattan presides and preaches once a month at the Ecumenical Worship Service at Hearthstone Village. He volunteers his time on the second Sunday of the month because he enjoys preaching to an attentive group of seniors and sharpening his skills as a minister. Dick was ordained a priest one year ago and engages in a variety of ministries including bringing God’s Word to the residents of Hearthstone Village. The residents enjoy his energetic style of preaching and his ability to get to the point and drive it home.

Danny Yerk, Transportation Department

Ruby Lounder lives in Hearthstone Court, one of the private residences on the Hearthstone campus. She is one of our most beloved residents volunteering when needed, providing a green thumb during the growing season and befriending everyone she meets. Ruby likes to travel and frequently flies out of town to be with her relatives. She relies on the extra-mile service of Danny Yerk, in the Transportation Department. Danny has been known to pick up Ruby at her front door and drive her in his own car, on his day off, to O’Hare Airport to make her flight. Danny asks for no recognition or extra pay, he just does it for the love of residents like Ruby.

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